1-The site is promoting Bristol Music ie. You must be Bristol Based !
2-All material put forward to Manic Compression is the property of the artist ie. you own the rights.
3-It is free.

1-For a main promotional section we will need a minimum of 3 tracks to give you room for a biog section as well.
2-if you only wish to give one or two tracks this will go in the free section with a small link and biog to your site etc
3-A full biography in word doc format (this will be edited down if too long!)
4-Photos: Promotional / CD Artwork
5-full contact details: phone / address / email / website / myspace.
6-A Press pack if you have one.
7-All tracks should be mp3 (128kbps 44.1 kHz cbr) or an audio CD that can be converted to mp3.


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