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Our aim is to provide a high standard promotional facility for all Bristol based musicians of all genres/styles and levels of musician professionalism.

We take great care in our efforts to ensure that you, the artist, are aware of all of the issues regarding your copyright material when dealing with Manic Compression.

We do not reproduce or sell your material in any way shape or form without a complete, comprehendible and binding contract between you, the artist, and Manic Compression.

Manic Compression highly recommends the following organisations' websites which cover all of the legal issues within the music business.
They are there to help you!

PRS - Performing Rights Society
www.prs.co.uk (link opens a new browser window)
If you are a musician, gigging live, then you should become a member of the PRS. They handle all of the ins and outs regarding royalties and all that stuff. It'd be a good idea to be fully aware of what the PRS can offer you as a musician, because 99 percent of professional musicians are members.

MCPS - Music Copyright Protection Society
www.mcps.co.uk (link opens a new browser window)
When it comes to the legal aspects of copyright protection and piracy, it is paramount that you know where you stand in the legal system. It can only be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the law as it currently stands.

MUSICIANS UNION - Your rights as a Musician.. upheld.
www.musiciansunion.org.uk (link opens a new browser window)
The Musicians Union provide aid and assistance regarding all legal matters to which a musician may encounter.

BPI - The British Phonographic Society
www.bpi.co.uk (link opens a new browser window)

They are there to help you.
...and so are we!
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